Let’s start every day on the right foot!  We all have busy days and there are lots of things that require our time and attention.  Although our daily demands are important, we need to be careful that we do not let them push away our time together with God.

Think about it this way, we spend time with those who are important to us, our significant other, friends and family.  We spend time with them because we enjoy being in their company and because we want to know them better.  Well this is the same reason we ought to have a daily time set aside to spend with Jesus to get to know him better.  Prayer and reading the Word of God will develop our spiritual growth.

  • It will bring us closer to Christ
  • It will transform our hearts and minds and make us more like Jesus
  • It will reveal the Will of God to us for our own lives

Even though you are on the go, I encourage you to spend a few moments during your day to visit our daily devotional feed provided by Our Daily Bread.  You can find the latest daily devotionals on the right-hand side of this screen and the verse of the day.  Click the heading of each devotional to open up the full devotional.


Blessings to you each and every day!

Pastor Jim